Marketing Analytics

Keep Track Of Your Roi With Our Marketing Dashboard

Without being able to measure the success of your marketing efforts, you won’t be able to manage your spend effectively.

Marketing metrics dashboards help you gauge the success of your current content and social media marketing efforts so that you can make smart decisions in the future.

If your marketing goal is to generate leads through content on your blog, knowing which blog posts have the highest levels of engagement and which links are bringing traffic to your website is incredibly important.

Powered by Google Analytics, social media analytics, and a customizable ROI calculator, the Analytics and ROI marketing dashboard in myDigitalSherpa gives you the metrics you need to make knowledgeable decisions on what to do next, with whom, and when.

All-in-one easy-to-access and understand marketing ROI metrics.

  1. Track the top referring sites to your blog or website
  2. Determine which blog posts are garnering the most views
  3. Get a 6-month snapshot of social media marketing performance to gauge social follower and fan growth Monitor the conversion of your traffic into new leads
  4. ROI Calculator allows you to set the value of a lead and unique visitor, giving you the ability to determine the overall value of your marketing programs
  5. Dissect your monthly traffic to determine who’s returning, who’s unique, and what content is driving conversions

With our Angon marketing ROI dashboard, content marketing and social media marketing analytics come together to give you the insight and numbers need to make educated decisions on future marketing strategy.