Application Development

Custom Applications Development Summary

Anyone from non-technical IT personnel to tech-savvy developers – can rapidly turn ideas into working applications. These applications are built and deployed on the we Service Automation Platform. We build powerful business applications faster with minimal to no coding using a rich set of prebuilt services and templates. After an application is built and tested it can be published to users with a single click. These applications can span from a single department to the entire enterprise, and may include such applications as order management, HR case management, legal request processing and other line of business applications.

Benefits for Enterprise IT

Enterprises of every size need custom applications to meet their business needs. In fact, IT departments usually struggle with meeting the backlog of application demand for several reasons. Building applications has traditionally been expensive and time consuming due to the complexity of the underlying platforms and the programming skills needed. Integrating these applications with other functions in the enterprise presents additional challenges. As a result, frustrated users are either left using inefficient, manual tools or forced to go around IT to buy a point solution. With Custom Application Development on the Service Now Service Automation Platform, Creators can:

    1. Eliminate the Custom Application Backlog
      • Deliver custom business applications in days instead of months.
      • Reduce time required to validate applications against established policies and security requirements.
    2. Satisfy Business Needs
      • Business users with process and domain knowledge can participate in the application development process.
        1. Easy customization allows applications to rapidly iterate to meet evolving business needs.
    3. Share Information Between Applications
      • Store and manage information only once.
        1. Eliminate the need for many complex, expensive integrations.
        2. Ensure information accuracy.